Jeffersonian Dinners

The Creation Story

Tired of expensive gala dinners that were nice but far from dynamic, Jennifer McCrea and Jeffrey Walker started hosting smaller dinners aimed at fostering connection, collaboration, dialogue, and community. Inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s dedication to intriguing conversation and passionate partnerships at his home in Monticello, Jennifer and Jeff began hosting similar close-knit, whole-table conversation dinners. The Jeffersonian Dinner was born.

Jeffersonian Dinners are a powerful tool to unleash creative energy and resources. The outcomes are often outstanding: organizations recruit partners, new allies are made across sectors and causes, fresh campaigns receive advice, and policy problems crowdsource insight to solutions.

Jennifer and Jeff began to share their insights – most prominently in their book, The Generosity Network – highlighting the powerful communities Jeffersonian Dinners have  nurtured.

Leading organizations such as TED and the Aspen Institute, among many others, have now begun to use Jeffersonian Dinners to create a resource-rich networks and spark creative passions that lead to more successful partnership engagement and broader generosity.

For more information, check out The Generosity Network’s page on Jeffersonian Dinners.

Jennifer McCrea and Jeffrey Walker are working on an online workshop dedicated to the nuances of hosting and moderating a successful Jeffersonian Dinner. Subscribe to Jennifer’s mailing list for additional details.