Does Money Mean Safety?

During a recent workshop I led, we discussed in small groups our earliest memories around money and how these might impact our ability to talk, live and work in the world of it. One astute participant…

Are We Enough?

Recently, I saw Hamilton on Broadway.  Like many others, I’m obsessed with the soundtrack.  I’ve gotten so into it that I now know the tracks word for word. One song on repeat is “That Would Be Enough…

Why Fix It?

Fixing and helping create a distance between people, but we cannot serve at a distance. We can only serve that to which we are profoundly connected. –Rachel Naomi Remen When we see a friend stru…

The Generosity Network

The Generosity Network, written by Jennifer McCrea and Jeffrey Walker, offers a fresh philosophy on fundraising and puts relationships (not money) at the heart of partnerships, showing how collaborative generosity can lead to personal transformation – the secret goal of giving.

And learn more about The Generosity Network here.