The Exponential Fundraising Workshop combines Jennifer’s nearly 30 years of experience with a rich peer-learning environment to reframe the practice of fundraising and its integral role in your work.  Designed to be highly experiential, the workshop blends reflective self inquiry with very practical skills and expert content guaranteed to mobilize dramatically more resources for your cause.

Participation is limited to 25 people to ensure a deep-dive into your organization’s specific challenges and in-depth small group coaching.

In the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Reframe the entire practice of fundraising away from a difficult, often tiresome practice, to an enlivened process of partnership building.
  • Source and engage new philanthropic partners.
  • Master the art of a first meeting.
  • Develop an active, results-oriented top 25 partners list.
  • Make the perfect ask.
  • Use the power of narrative to share your personal and collective story.
  • Host a Jeffersonian Dinner.
  • Build a more generative and active board.
  • Renew your commitment to the work and cultivate the courage to get results.

For information on upcoming workshops, please contact Jennifer here.

Participants at a San Francisco Exponential Fundraising workshop.